creative direction


photo by   Gucio Photography

I am most interested in the intersection of art and real life. I want to make our lives better and happier and more alive through design. From the micro to macro scale, our material world can stimulate our senses and enhance our depth and breadth of existence. 

Beauty feeds me, and my senses are always on overdrive. I feel most myself when I'm barefoot or in very high heels. I rarely say no to good ice cream. I love finding the best nature and human civilization have to offer. I love the balance of simple and complex, feminine and masculine, raw and refined, and I believe almost everything is in the subtleties. I am an idealist in every sense of the word.

I am a wife and a mother of four: River, Oswin, Linus, and Irving. I can’t imagine life without my family or my work.

Doing a little bit of everything keeps me engaged. I specialize in creating weddings. Sometimes I am hired to design and/or style interiors, meet up to shop in different cities, work on books, magazines, restaurants, product and brand development, and coach other professionals. I currently reside in Cambridge, MA and work internationally.