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I've never wanted to make art to hang on walls—I want to make art people live in. Most everywhere I go I think, "we can do better than this." I want to make our lives happier, smarter, more beautiful, and more alive through design.

I feel most myself when I'm barefoot or in very high heels. I rarely say no to good ice cream. I love learning, finding the best nature and human civilization have to offer, the balance of simple and complex, feminine and masculine, raw and refined. I believe almost everything is in the subtleties.

I live with my husband and four kids: River, Oswin, Linus, and Irving, in Serenbe, GA (just south of ATL).




  • Vogue
  • Elle Decor
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Brides   


  • Design Sponge
  • Once Wed
  • Style Me Pretty
  • Jose Villa



  • creative director for Pinewood Forrest
  • co-founder + creative director of If I Made
  • freelance creative director + art director + stylist
  • creative director for Once Wed
  • photographer