creative direction

I'm pregnant!

a few days before christmas i took a third pregnancy test (as in third this month--both my first two kids had negative test results at first, too, apparently i feel a pregnancy before it shows up on the tests) and sure enough: two lines! surprise! to us anyway. we were not planning on having a third right now but i've kinda been wanting another baby lately so that works out well!

so to break the news to the family i made these tree little ornaments (my apologies for the iPhone pic) from a few things lying around (leftover wool plaid from this Once Wed project and the pouch from these Nell's Compass candles--thanks again Lilly!). i had the kids write their names on the fabric and i just stitched over it and added a third!

when the kids opened the ornaments, after a little explaining, river said: "the baby sure is tiny." and oswin said: "ok. where are my boots?"

a little later river asked: "what's the new baby's name?" we said we didn't know yet and we'd have to think of one. os said: "Oh, i know, we could call it 'baby jesus'." probably not.... :)


also--i thought i'd share this picture and poem i did when i was pregnant with/had river....

41 weeks I watched it swell

twirled in a curl of limbs

my skin stretched taut over the tightest bud

delicate mystery in the round

wrinkled petals unfurled in may

with her hair still swirled

at the peak of her forehead