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jinny blom

1. & 2. oxfordshire farm

images 3.-5. cotswold gardenthis is a woman i'd like to hire one day! i found jinny in a recent feature in the july issue of us vogue. i also loved many of her quotes from the article...

"I love quiet things, but its about balancing them with the bodice-rippers....Good design should be good space, even with every flower removed."

"I design with the fewest lines possible. I hate decoration in gardens. There is a kind of completion you get that comes only from taking away everything that is not essential. Ideally, you end up with a fluency between the materials, the craftsmen, the place, and your own invention. If the design locks properly into the space, then the client's mind won't snag on it. Its only when something is wrongly proportioned or uncomfortable that things have to be corrected or done away with."

Her training as a set designer taught her to "ask questions--how are people going to move through the space? How is it going to feel? Its not just a matter of space; it's a matter of speed. You need to be slowed down a bit sometimes; things need to distract you, involve you, take you out of yourself. Obviously it's a luxury to have a garden designed for you. But I have noticed that if you are rich, designers often inflict richness on you. I have always understood that a rich person who commissions a garden from me might need other things--freedom, simplicity, calm, for example."

...this is a woman after my own heart. or am i a woman after hers since she's my senior?

sussex farm