creative direction


last night we saw Inception. i loved it. 

it reminded me of a poem i wrote a few years ago. sometimes it is hard to grasp reality in isolation.


found this in tumbler a while ago...anyone know the source?


In the void of sleepless night

I am lone witness to

the dusting of the mind

that most graciously occurs

without my knowledge or consent


But tonight I am switched into consciousness


While a fury of thought particles

are dispersed into the vacuum of night


They swirl and collide

and are propelled outward

as occasional shafts of clarity illuminate

the bedlam of thought


but it feels like Me

being scattered by silent feathers

and I become desperate to cling to even one

flying thought

But the more frantic I grasp

the further they float

carried now on the wind of my desperation


a moment of panic ensues

as I fear that I will have become

too far flung into this expanse

to ever be collected again

That I will have exploded

like a star whose matter has

expanded further than her

energy can support



i remember there is someone beside me

and turn to him to rescue me


That collision of mass!


The comfort of density

as my side rolled solidly

into the heaviness of his back


I never had to wake him

as thoughts began to rest

on the force of these two bodies


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