creative direction

This week is going out to all of you who can't get enough color in your lives! Do you want your wedding to be super bright and colorful but worry about it getting out of control? Three tips: 1) Notice that there is actually a color palette here that is broad but respected--and that those colors are for the most part not ones you'd find in a 24-pack of Crayons...this will keep all your crazy colors from looking too juvenile, 2) All these colors are given some space to live in a white (or at least neutral) background which helps keep things from being as overwhelming, 3) These are all solid colors. It can totally work to introduce patterns, and even lots of them, but if you're nervous, you can play it safe by using solids and still get a great look.

1. Magnus Anesund 2. unknown  3. Domino  4. unknown  5. Domino