creative direction

Design Sponge at our Home

I think I forgot to post about this when it came out but I just wanted to share with you the little fun of having our home published on pages 128-129 (and the floral arrangement it inspired on page 315)! The book is a wealth of ideas and eye candy and I'm so honored to have our humble little abode included on its pages. And it was really fun to get to see Grace and Amy when they were in town for the book tour PLUS the fact that Linus and I got to spend a few days with Amy Osaba making the SmileBooth backdrop for the book tour party and I just like hanging out with Amy Osaba. :)

And just for fun, I thought I'd add some more pictures of our home back when these were all taken. The idea was to make the kind of place I wanted my kids to experience and remember their childhood. And the theme song for the inspiration was Mushaboom by Feist. 

wow.... in some ways that seems like forever ago. river and oswin are so much bigger now, we've moved to Boston and back again, added a new member to the family (linus looks so much like oswin did!), and life has changed in so many ways. but here i sit on the same yellow couch right now, surrounded by all that same bright funiture (albeit much dirtier!) and that same exuberance of life. (minus the rainbow room because we are in a rental at the moment...river deeply misses it though and gets teary just at the thought of it.) often times it feels like too much exuberance for me and i want to get rid of all this furniture and just make everything white and neutral and calm. but even revisiting these old pictures and remembering why i went this route makes me happy enough to press on in the chaos. ...maybe i just need my own calm space, right? :) our room was kind of meant to be that but how much time do i spend there?? anyway...this is my life. :)