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back to back

are you kidding??? rachael and justin are such lovely people! and their engagement pictures by jose villa totally do them justice. (hair and makeup by mar.)

i'm just finishing up back to back trips with a little house-hunting here in Atlanta today. first I had the honor of doing rachael and justin's wedding out on her family farm 15 miles down dirt roads in the middle of Montana. I loved getting to know them....and bj, aunt pam, uncle bo, grandma hazel, cousins will and william, who were all there to lend a helping hand: providing a make-shift floral studio, homemade secret-recipie chocolate chip cookies, and hauling my rental car out of the mud (jose and mar pushed the other rental car out of the mud!) straight from Montana, we flew to Atlanta for our first ever Once Wed Workshop. it was pretty awesome. again, so many people lent a hand (an in some cases, a LOT of sweat) to pull it all together. more on both to find a house now--hopefully!

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