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*watercolor by Catherine Parr on etsy

i'm taking the weekend to regroup.

i was supposed to go to the lake with my family but opted to take the quiet route instead. life has been SO chaotic for the last few months now and its all catching up with me. we moved from boston back to atlanta and then moved into a rental house. its a little cottage and its got potential but its a fixer-upper and certainly not home yet. and of course there's the question of--how long will we be in this house/how much do i invest in making this home? i think we'll be in this area for a while but not sure if we'll end up buying this house or taking the time to find something juuust right nearby. at the moment i'm so over moving and unpacking that i'm considering staying here forever. and i'm now 8 months pregnant so i think that nesting thing is really giving me some problems. this morning i was feeling so overwhelmed i felt like i just needed to take a timeout and regroup. between being a mother of two little ones, pregnant, wife, working full time, and unpacking there hasn't been a moment off in forever. still feeling a bit torn because i didn't want to miss the time with them, this afternoon i sent my family off to the lake and spent the rest of the day asking myself what i needed to do feel better. this is something i should do a lot more often i've decided.

the answers have been (in order): clean the bathroom and kitchen (i mean really clean it and finally get everything really put away), eat dark chocolate, get a manicure and pedicure, eat a yummy dinner, eat a bowl full of fresh sliced peaches with some vanilla ice cream out on the back porch, enjoy the quiet, look for baby names (yeah, he still needs a name! any ideas?), surf pinterst, catch up on a few emails, and next, i think it might be time for a movie on netflix....and maybe some more ice cream??

tomorrow, i'm looking forward to: enjoying the quiet and making some plans/goals to see if i can't get a handle on all this craziness. but i know i'm feeling better already!

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