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Linus is here!

He's here! This is Linus Livingston Thigpen. He was born two weeks ago, now. I've kind of given myself these last two weeks completely off thanks to some amazing help (my mother-in-law stayed with us the first week, my mom the next, and so many new friends have brought meals--thank you, thank you!) and  I'm just now returning to the new real world. Today Linus and I got the kids to school on time and that felt like a pretty big accomplishment.

He took his time getting here, well, at least going into full-blown labor, anyway. But once it was on it was ON and he was out in two pushes. He was 7 lbs, 7 oz. and 20.5" long. When his big brother and sister came in to see him, Oswin's first remark was: "ooooh mommy.....I didn't know he was going to be so soft." They were so excited to meet him. It was priceless. He came the day after his due date (my last post) and we didn't have a name for him until it was time to check out of the hospital and hand in the (filled out) birth certificate. But then it happened! One of us suggested Linus and we both said "I like that!"....something that hadn't occured for nine months.

He's amazing. SO good natured and hardly ever cries. He did cry last Thursday though when he had to have the little attachment under his tongue clipped (it was too tight and making eating difficult--and very painful for me) and it was so awful to see him in pain. Other than that, he's just chill so far. I kind of can't believe we've been lucky enough to have 3 easy babies. I really am quite attached to the little man already...

Hopefully I'll have some more official photos to come soon (well, something better than an iPhone pic, anyway).