creative direction

happy accidents


Jose said this double exposure was an accident. I love it so much...everything about it. And Kanice's hair reminds me of the dude's hair in Klimt's 'The Kiss.' Its so perfect... I got to spend a day shopping in NY with Kanice for this shoot...we had such a nice time. Yet another reason I love my job: I spent a day shopping in NY with a complete stranger from Hong Kong before her engagement shoot in CA...and the results: a fun day, a new friend and an image like this. You can see more images from the shoot here. Photography by Jose Villa, Hair and Makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup.

and here's a little random extra--while I was searching for gowns for an upcoming shoot, I just happened across this image from New York Magazine of Monique L'lhuillier's show a few months ago:


(If you can manage to pull your eyes away from all that beautiful lace) check out the baby in the left of the image--its Linus!! I'm leaning back, just out of the shot, but that's me holding up a tiny 6 week old baby Linus. and the face looking kind of this way is Randy (from Say Yes to the Dress) who we were smooshed up next to and who was very gracious (albeit a bit unsettled) about me breastfeeding on the front row of the runway. ;)