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Tambour Beading Appreciation Day

Lately I've been finding myself designing dresses with brides. And I kind of love it. All the joy of creating a custom wedding is extending into the dress, too. It makes sense. Full couture weddings. So last night a bride and I were doing a little web research on what it would take to do some pretty serious beading on her dress because she wants to do a lot of it herself and we found this instructional youtube gem:

Which made me remember and appreciate this video AllSaints produced a while ago SO much more. (Look how fast the guy at the end is going!!) So much goes into each piece--and the prep-work alone!

Just between these two videos I feel like I have such a renewed appreciation of the craftsmenship involved in some of my favorite runway gowns. THIS (along with the fact that no one else is designing gowns with this kind of finesse) expains the pricetag perfectly. I feel like, in this machine age we live in, we forget that some things are still done by hand.

-elie saab couture spring 2011-

-elie saab couture fall 2012-

-elie saab couture fall 2012-

-elie saab couture fall 2012-


-valentino spring 2010-

really i could go on and on showing you incredible examples... elie saab, valentino, jenny packham, j. mendel, and matthew williamson are at the top of the game when it comes to embellishment that is show stopping and innovative, and still feminine, delicate, graceful, and will stand the test of time and still give you a "bridal" (enough) look. there are more though....who else do you like? and are you the kind of person who could sit and sew each bead on? i think i could. i like that kind of detail work...just not too much of it... :/



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