creative direction

Big news! we've started a print magazine!


Yep. Somehow, with a baby on my lap and one growing in Emily's belly, we've made a magazine. And kept it all a secret until now. In fact, I got the green light to start the magazine the week Linus was born (incidentally, the same week the kids started a new school and Tyler started a new job--big week) and it's looking like we'll go to print the week Emily has her baby. Its been a quite an adventure and a huge learning curve and so much work for my sleep-deprived brain but its been so fun to have so much freedom to make a magazine the way we want. I'm so happy to get to share the cover with you now and I can't wait to show you more. Right now we're trying to figure out how many to print so if you want one, I highly recommend pre-ordering it so we print enough.  Click here to pre-order a copy.

So many thank yous to everyone who has worked on it so far...especially to Jose Villa for shooting the beautiful beautiful cover for us.