creative direction

making magic


She's mad but she's magic. 

There's no lie in her fire. 

-- Charles Bukowski


It's this beautiful magic that poofs out of the dirt. It's that thrill of making something beautiful from what's around you... If I had it all my way I'd make everything only from natural materials. And I love that it's all images of ordinary materials and ordinary life. I think making an exceptionally beautiful kitchen sink is every bit as important as an exceptionally beautiful wedding dress. 

1. Coco Rocha by Bruce Weber for Paris Vogue  // 2. Lou Mora  // 3. Elle Decor (India) photographed by Fram Petit design by Alice von Baum  // 4. Tincitory // 5. the home of Caroline Delaudes via the Style Files images via Interiormagasinet  // 6. Tincitory