creative direction

What dreams may come


Someone was asking me today about my process with clients and as I explained it to her and as it coincided with Rylee's explanation being posted on Once Wed, I was struck by the nature of dreams. The dreams we dream by day, of the things we invision for the future, weather its the way you imaging your wedding to be or anything else you dream of, come in vague glimmerings of unrelated bits very much akin to waking up from sleep with random glimpses of something you just experienced in the past. I feel like my job with clients (and for myself) is to catch those glimmerings of future dreams, bit by bit, and weave and develop them into something we can experience at some point in the present. And if it all works right, it will be a captivating present where all your senses are engaged and you will feel like you're in a dream but it will be real life and you will feel so alive... And then it will be over. And it will become something more similar to the dreams we are more familiar with...remembering...a past experience...with lingering glimmerings that flash through our minds at any given moment. But this dream will have photos. Proof. And a collective conscious...

1. Erica Tanov // 2. Elie Saab fall 2012 // 3. Asli Tunca // 4. Laura Kok