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I know I haven't been blogging much but it's not because I haven't had anything to blog. It's because I've had too much going on to get to the blogging part! Which brings me to today's somewhat, ok, very long overdue post:

Does anyone want to help me? :)

Do you want to work with me? (Or maybe know of someone who would be an excellent fit?) I'm not looking for anyone who wants to do what I do...I'm looking for the opposite. I'm looking for someone with the other half of my brain. :) ...But still enough creativity and/or appreciation for creativity and my aesthetic to be able to communicate with me and put up with all my hair-brained ideas. Someone who will be able to make them happen. Are you out there? Do you exist? (I feel like I'm putting out an ad for my work-soulmate, ha! Likes long walks on the beach...)

I'm looking for a business developer &/or project manager. Here are the performance profiles:


  • big picture strategy

  • how to structure and organize things

  • financial strategy

  • setting goals

  • a track record of producing large growth in businesses**

  • marketing strategy

  • sales strategy

  • recommends ways forward

  • drives forward movement

  • ambitious

  • wants my input but doesn’t need hand-holding

PROJECT MANAGER + administrative assistant

  • keeps a very wide variety of projects on schedule

  • sets project deadlines

  • keeps my calendar

  • makes travel arrangements

  • is always a step ahead of me

  • manages interns/employees/clients

  • bookkeeping

  • runs errands

  • holds my hand -- only figuratively, never literally :)


  • is great at math and grammar/spelling

  • is very organized and gets a little high from organizing things in pretty ways

  • is aesthetically compatible

  • has graphic design skills**

  • enjoys a fast paced work environment

  • is flexible

  • is assertive and proactive

  • offers brilliant suggestions (tactfully) even if no one is asking

  • is very quick learner

  • is attentive to detail

  • possesses high emotional intelligence

  • is tech savvy

  • loves spreadsheets

  • has solid people skills

  • is kind

  • is trustworthy

  • is a bit of a foodie**

  • knows how to move projects from A to Z

  • is a hard worker

  • likes to have a good time

  • comes from a corporate background**

  • is unpretentious

  • is confidant

  • is non-anxious

  • is a creative problem-solver with a can-do attitude

  • has a brilliant mind and still isn't above sweeping sometimes (I will still sweep too)

**Items that are a bonus but not a must

Preference will be given to someone who can regularly meet with me in Arlington, MA (just outside of Cambridge). Compensation will be commensurate with experience. I'm open to part time or full time involvement.


  1. Please email a cover letter and copy of your resume to with the word "employment" as the title of the message.
  2. Fill out this brief survey.


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