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New Creative Direction + Styling Workshop Dates

I guess I'll keep doing this workshop as long as people are still interested in it--and seeing how I get more requests for this workshop than anything else in my inbox--let's go another round! :) I really do enjoy doing it, getting to know creatives from around the world...and it's so rewarding to feel like it's so helpful for people. Here are some images Rylee Hitchner took at the last one, as well as some kind words I've lifted from one attendee's blog...

I had the pleasure of attending Joy Thigpen's workshop at Serenbe Inn in Atlanta, Georgia this past October. I had no clue the impact this workshop was going to have on me as I took the plunge and signed up.  
Being at Serenbe with Joy and nineteen amazing women reminded me of something I sometimes struggle to remember: that life is to be enjoyed. My experience of life is different when I remember this, and suddenly I become more sensitive to hidden beauty not yet discovered. Joy's workshop helped me access a part of myself that I often loose touch with. One of our hands-on assignments was to create a floral arrangement.
I enjoyed looking deeper into the property - looking past the surface. I started with the thing I was most attracted to and followed my attraction to other things I might normally disregard. Such "things" were complimentary to the foundational piece I had chosen. Essentially, I found one thing I was in love with and asked, "What else does this want to be next to?" It is so fun what happens when you follow the creative flow of life. 
--Celeste Greene

If you're interested in coming to this next workshop, it will begin with dinner on Sunday, February 8 and check out will be Wednesday morning, the 11th. You can find more information on the workshop here. Feel free to email me if you have questions. I'd love to meet you!

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