creative direction


my apologies to any of you that follow me on pinterest for flooding your feed with pins of minerals/crystals today. it's just that i'm feeling so infinitely inspired by them right now! in their raw forms they are some of the best art on the planet, in my opinion. they're like little (or big) sculptures formed in the dark for no one to see. and their colors and compositions are mindblowing. i especially love when there are combinations of minerals that grow together. the contrast and their forms.... and i love that we live on a planet where these are our rocks! and that some of the most beautiful art is just hidden in the ground beneath our feet at any given time. (art for art's sake.) i can't get enough of them right now. i could look at them all day. they make me want to make jewelry and dresses and buildings...

i had to do a little research too on how these things are formed... basically, in optimal conditions (an over saturation of minerals, the right temperatures, sometimes pressure) and give enough time and space...they can take on their true form. They can grow in an external structure that is congruent with their internal/cellular structure. This is exactly what I've been working on giving myself lately and it's so encouraging to see it play our so beautifully in this medium.

i'm also really deeply encouraged by the beauty of the contrast of the different minerals that grow and fuse together. when contrasting elements are locked into these pockets of bedrock, and again given time and space to crystalize and take on their true form, the outcomes are even more beautiful to me because of the contrast. (#marriage. am i right??)

i highly recommend checking out this board i started. i felt like i was curating an art show. (can you imagine if this body of work were produced by a human artist?? the kind of recognition they'd get?)


above image of blue barite flowers from morocco