creative direction

I want to take a second to highlight something I offer that not many people seem to know about. (As in, people keep telling me I should offer portfolio reviews, etc...I do!! :) )

Did you know I do consulting/private coaching?

If you're a wedding artist and need a little help or want to grow but you just can't swing a full workshop at the moment due to your schedule or budget or whatever, this can be a great option. I've worked with designers of all types, photographers, calligraphers... Mostly we tend to talk about how to make their work stronger and principles of design/art. I help them choose their best images to use on their site and elsewhere. Really, I am an open book and I'm happy to share anything I know.

Though I'm uncomfortable sharing this, a very sweet photographer I worked with recently offered to write a recommendation after our time together. It's so glowing, it makes me blush. And to be honest, I'm very uncomfortable with self-promotion so I'm reluctant to even share it. BUT I'm going to because...well...I'm just going to be big about it. :)

"Joy probably could have done anything professionally - and thrived.  Thankfully Joy has chosen to share her artistic prowess with the wedding world.  Although best known as an artistic virtuoso, Joy's teaching is her hidden resplendent gift.  Joy could teach rocket science to a five year old.  Able to reach anyone's level of understanding, Joy unravels the complex to reveal sage creative principles easily overlooked.

During our brief one-on-one Joy helped me to make crucial connections between artistic vision and what I see.  I am a better photographer thanks to Joy.  With images that feel "off" Joy is able to pinpoint what is not working, explain the key principles involved, and leave you feeling enlightened and enlivened.  Two hours with Joy just may well be the greatest investment you've ever made for your business.  Joy will launch your abilities and understanding with velocious speed.  Joy is not just helpful, she is essential.  Put yourself in the hands of this master and prepare for total transformation."

--Amelia Johnson

Thank you so much Amelia for the ultra kind words. :)

If you're interested in a one-on-one you can read a little more about it here or contact me through the tab on the top right.