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white peach and prosciutto salad

No, I'm not turing this into a food blog. And I'm sorry this is not the most beautiful image ever. But man does it taste good! This is a snap with my iPhone before I ate it! Maybe one day soon (maybe?) I'll make this again and allow myself some time to try to take a real picture of it. But this was not the time. This is what I made for my birthday dinner tonight and I just wanted to sit down and enjoy it. Last night was celebrated with a big family dinner, tomorrow night will be a nice dinner out with Tyler...which leaves the actual day of dinner... I wanted something easy but still birthday worthy. And this is what came to mind. It hit the spot so hard I decided I had to do the favor of paying it forward to the world.

I cannot take credit for this meal. A version of it was served to me at an amazing little restaurant in Arizona once. But it stuck with me. And this time of year, it cannot be beat. On top of it's really beautiful flavor profile, the textures are great, it's good for you, AND there's the better than great practical virtues: you can buy it all in one stop at Trader Joe's, it's affordable, and you can make it in about 5 minutes in one pan. That's hard to beat. 

So here's what you'll need to pick up:

  • some white peaches (yellow are ok too but if you can get white you'll thank yourself)
  • some good bread (ideally already sliced)
  • one package of proscuitto
  • some of their white stilton cheese with the apricots in it
  • a bag of good looking dark green lettuce

and if you don't already have this at home:

  • some good olive oil and honey



  1. arrange a generous portion of lettuce in each bowl/salad plate
  2. heat up a big pan to medium/med high, drizzle some olive oil on both sides of a few slices of bread, toast the bread until it it's pretty, and then tuck them into the lettuce on each plate
  3. in the same pan, sear about two slices of prosciutto per person. lay them on top of the slices of bread
  4. cut the peaches in half kind of like you would an avocado (one whole peach per person), pour some olive oil on the cut side, and put them cut/flat side down in the pan. grill them for a couple minutes until they are pretty and then put them grilled side up in the salad
  5. in a little bowl, whisk together one part (good) olive oil and one part honey and a little salt and pepper (you can add a little garlic salt too if you're feeling it). now drizzle this over the whole salad as the dressing
  6. drag a fork across the block of cheese and let the crumbles fall all over the top of the salad

and you'r done!! enjoy!! I'd love to hear from you if you make this and see if you love it as much as I do!

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