for new + current wedding professionals

FEBRUARY 8-11, 2015  -  SERENBE, GA 


A comprehensive look at what Creative Direction + Styling is and how to do it. Intensive classroom learning followed by some hands-on practice. A whole lot of information and not a lot of fluff. All in the company of like-minded individuals you'll be so glad you got to know.


Day 1

  • A light welcome dinner
  • Get to know each other


Day 2

  • Foundation: Aesthetics
  • Developing your voice
  • Being + staying inspired
  • What makes a good image
  • How to create good images
  • Creative Direction: my process
  • Styling 101
  • Tips, tools, and tricks
  • A styling exercise

Day 3

  • Creating your career
  • How to make a living at living your dream
  • Putting it into practice: Making and shooting flowers
  • Finale dinner


Day 4

  • Optional hour long one-on-ones


Investment: $2300   -   20 seat maximum


Price includes all meals, 3 nights lodging at Serenbe Inn near Atlanta, GA, and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. Optional One-on-One the 4th day is an additional $300



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I loved the workshop! The best I've been to in the business in terms of depth of content, especially when it comes to design. One of the most helpful things for me was studying images with Joy and the group. It helped so much to learn some of the language, so that I can give a reason for why something isn't working instead of just "this works/i like this/etc."

-- Stephanie Miles -- 


...So frequently I design from instincts so it was very helpful to have tools to design from more of a critical thinking aspect. Dissecting the photos helped me to think of designing more intentionally as well (where are the spoons pointing? Where do I want my viewers to be looking?). Hands on experience, not only getting to watch you create a floral arrangement, but then getting to actually forage on the property and make our own and have your (and the other cohorts) insight as to why they were/weren't working was amazing....

-- Rebekah of A&B Creative -- 


Thank you once again for sharing your experience and knowledge. The workshop has truly changed my daily life and I have rediscovered my passions and have direction for the future. The quotes, your experiences, the organisation of the slides all made sense and developed like a journey. It was all very clear. Thank you for sharing your realisations and philosophical findings (you have saved me many more years). As I mentioned above, they have centred everything for me. I like how you gave us the skills to frame our own journey and how to keep your voice while working with clients and others. The workshop gave me the courage to believe myself, my taste and acknowledge moments in my life when everything comes together.

-- Phalen Charles --


I couldn't begin to thank you enough for paving the road for wedding stylists and for opening up to us about your journey. I've been letting all the knowledge I gained at the workshop work it's way into my business and personal life. Even if I hadn't learned a single new thing from the workshop (and I learned oh-so much), just hearing what you had to say about aesthetics and your own personal philosophy on weddings was worth it. Your insight on the wedding market and business changed my whole perspective on how I should be running my own business. I loved the balance you made between philosophy and practical business knowledge. I don't think I would have enjoyed the workshop as much as I did if it wasn't for the casual and comfortable environment you (and Serenbe) created for us. I gained so much more confidence in my mission and my work and I felt like the weight of self-doubt was removed when I stepped onto the plane to fly home.

-- Kae of Kae & Ales -- 


Photo of Nita Lake Lodge by Gucio Photography. Photo of Serenbe courtesy of Serenbe.