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The Thriving Creative: Self Care for Creatives

The Thriving Creative: Self Care for Creatives


What if healthy artists were the most creative? But what does a “healthy” creative even look like? As research collates on creativity, sensitivity, the mind, body, and soul we can begin to piece together a better idea of what it might look like to be a healthy creative, living and working from a state of thriving. There are plenty of things “Creatives” and less-creative people have in common but there are also some critically important physiological differences we need to understand in order to care for ourselves well. It’s a different and nuanced operating system and manual for the “creatives”—one we need to work to learn.

Topics covered: creativity, high sensitivity, our needs, flow states, caring for our bodies, caring for our minds, emotions, personality, community, daily habits, calling. Experts joining us: a functional neurologist, a nutritionist, and an artist who's also a yoga instructor.

Price includes meals and accommodations.

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