creative direction

Studio Sessions


a styling workshop for photographers

SEPT 9 (and 10) --- NYC

OCT 17 (and 18) --- VAN

NOV 10 (and 11) --- LAX




Over the last several years we've seen the level of photography in the wedding industry rise exponentially. It's exciting to watch!

You all are getting really good! 

And we know you want to be even better. 

At Once Wed we receive as many as 2000 submissions for publication every month. We run less than 1% of them. Emily Newman (founder of Once Wed) and I get emails on a daily basis from photographers wanting to know why their submission wasn't accepted. We wish we had the time to answer each of those emails in depth and to explain what we're looking for and why some submissions make the cut while others don't. We also get a lot of photographers asking us to critique their work. 

We've decided to make time to come to you.

We think we can help.

 What we're finding at this point is that it's usually just the little things that are off. In our opinion, one of the things we see missing the mark most often is the styling. We realize most of you don't have stylists working with you at every wedding. You often have to be your own stylist and art director. We'd love to help you learn how to watch for (or create) all the little things that make the difference for us.

We know that you also have to be your own editor. We want to help you learn to edit before you take a picture - and after. Which are your best images? We'll give you our opinions.

We've picked several dates and locations to come to you and do some intensive one-day sessions to help you continue to grow as artists. This won't be about how to use your camera or how to run your business - we're only speaking to what we know from our seats. Nor will these sessions be a particularly pampered or posh time; we want to make it affordable and accessible for you as small businesses. It will be light on fluff and heavy on the content that we think will make a big difference in your work.