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Styling for Photographers

A Crash Course in Styling

for wedding photographers


July 29 - August 1, 2013

In this workshop we will cover all the little details that make or break your images and set your work apart. Are you curious about how to work with a stylist? And perhaps more importantly, how to work without a stylist? If you want to learn about gear, exposures, and how to run your wedding photography business, there are a lot of other workshops that are great for that--this is not one of them. However, if you've already got those parts down and you're looking to refine your craft, this could be perfect for you! 

Day 1

  • Welcome dinner
  • Get to know each other

Day 2

  • Aesthetics + discovering your style
  • What makes a good image
  • How to create/arrange good images
  • Styling people -- wardrobe, hair + makeup
  • Styling tabletop -- food and tablescapes
  • Styling details -- flowers, paper + accessories
  • Editing
  • How to work with a stylist
  • Tips, tools, and tricks
  • A styling exercise

Day 3

  • 55 minute one-on-one to practice styling + critique your portfolio
  • Unwind
  • Learn from your  colleagues
  • Finale dinner

Investment: $2500   -   12 seats   -   Serenbe, GA

Includes all meals, lodging, and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport

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