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The Thriving Creative: Self Care for Creatives

The Thriving Creative:

A Self Care Workshop for Creatives

june 4-7, 2017

When you are a professional Creative, your mind is the best and most valuable tool you have. But do you know how to use it well or is it more like handing an iPhone to a toddler? And do you know you can upgrade your mind?

What do you think it'd do for your work, quality of life, and paycheck if you learned how to use your mind and creativity at maximum capacity?

If you want to be a baller Creative, it's SO important to understand how creativity works—in your mind, body, and soul...and to know how to create the right kind of conditions for yourself to thrive. Especially because, as Creatives, our brains are wired a little differently than the general population. Because of that, we have a subtly, yet significantly different operator's manual.

I've been studying this kind of thing for the last several years and I've learned a TON of stuff on creativity, high sensitivity, our needs, flow states, caring for our bodies, caring for our minds, emotions, personality, community, daily habits, and calling that has been so life-changing and life-giving for me. Whenever I've shared bits with other Creatives, I've recognized that often they are experiencing the same struggles as me and that the information I've learned has been super helpful for them, too.

For several years I've been mulling over doing this "workshop" to share what I've learned. On top of that, I've invited functional neurologist, Jerome Lubbe to be there the whole time and nutritionist Ginny Reddick will come the last morning, to join us to help 'splain it all from a more scientific perspective. On top of that, you'll get to spend a few days in a beautiful place (meeting in the home pictured, in Serenbe, and staying in the Inn), eating amazing local, fresh food, resting, meeting cool people, and learning things that will change how you see and care for yourself. You'll walk away armed with knowledge, understanding, an arsenal of tips and tricks, and perhaps most importantly, discovering that while you may be different, and you may be struggling, you are not alone. 

So, if you consider yourself a "Creative" and you want to learn how to be the most creative, best version of yourself possible, I'm inviting you to come hang out with us for a few days. Here's the plan:

wellness workshop schedule.jpg

* During free time you can choose from a variety of free and not-free things. Free things: pool, sleep, wander the trails, town, farm, or shops, hang out with new friends...whatever you want to do. Not-free things: one-on-ones with Joy and/or Jerome ($300)**, massage/spa treatments, horseback riding

** If you want to do a one-on-one with Jerome, he recommends getting a comprehensive blood panel done before you come (the panel costs about $200) and bring him the results so he can give you specialized recommendations on supplements, interventions, etc.

***To be clear, this is *not* for people who already have their sh*t together. (This is also not for people who need serious/severe medical help; it is not intended to replace intensive psychiatric care.) This IS for you if you like the idea of taking better care of yourself but don't know what that really means. You like the idea of doing yoga but would be embarrassed to go to a "real" yoga class. You like the idea of being at the top of your game creatively and thus, are open to the idea of moving your body some if we can convince you why and how it could help.

Cost: $2400. Includes meals and accommodations but not travel. Rental car suggested. Serenbe is about 25 minutes from the Atlanta International Airport even though it feels like it's in the middle of nowhere.

Click here if you would like to sign up (or email me through the contact form if you've got questions.) I'd love to meet you!