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Photos by Jose Villa

Photos by Jose Villa

Approach + PROCESS

I am most interested in creating complete experiences - experiential art - for real life.

Weddings are a perfect place to do this kind of work. For many it is the only time we welcome the kind of time, effort, talent, and resources that can produce a high level artistic experience into our real lives.

A well composed wedding should be like a movie but better because it can engage all your senses. There should be sections that rise and build, sections that let you wander...climaxes, and rest. It should be a feast for your eyes, ears, nose, tastebuds, body, and soul. It's more than just "decorating" or picking out chairs and linens and flowers (though those are all part of the equation). Every element is deliberate. Every line, shape, texture, color, sound is intentional and contributing to the moment. 

With an incredibly strong team of designers and planners stationed strategically around the world, we choreograph guests' movement around where the light is best at each moment of the day and the best place to stand to take in the view from the best angle. 


We want to give people a couture adventure. We want to create moments that move people, make them wake up, make them feel alive. And for those few hours, they feel magically more connected to the world around them and to each other.

We get most excited about creating weddings that are intimate, artful, and spectacular...but in a more understated way.

When you email us, we'll set up a consultation to assess the scope of your needs. We offer a range of services so we can tailor a package to be no more and no less than you desire. 

I am available for a limited number of full commission weddings per year. My team of associates have been carefully selected and developed to extend the level of service beyond my own capacity. We will pair you with the best fit based on personality, location, and needs.

Email us through the contact form to schedule a consultation.